A strange rite of nudity

“In a way, young Dr Highsmith had plenty of warning. He should have known all was not well that day he came home and discovered his wife performing a strange rite of nudity.

But Highsmith was too wrapped up in the psychiatric problems of a lovely model named Barbara to be aware what was happening to his marriage. Though sex was his business, he found it difficult to keep it strictly business – especially with Barbara giving him an increasing role in her haywire love life…”

The description of Henry Lewis Nixon’s 1954 pulp novel Confessions of a Psychiatrist, billed as “a titillating treatise on the love therapy racket, told with daring sophistication and unblushing frankness”.

It looks like it was also published as a double bill with another book, which, unfortunately, was not about psychiatrists and their daring sophistication / unblushing frankness.

Sadly, there are few details about the book on the net, so if you’re dying to find out what the “strange rite of nudity was”, you’re going to have to track down a copy for yourself.

Link to a few more details.

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