The complete Husband and Wife rating scales

Our post on the 1930’s ‘wife rating scale’ was picked up by Boing Boing and one of their readers realised she had a copy of the full scale – including the rating scale for husbands – and posted the whole questionnaire online.

You may be interested to hear that husbands could earn a demerit for “Smokes in bed”, but 5 merits for “Tries to keep wife equipped with modern labor saving devices”. A whopping 20 merits could be awarded for being an “Ardent lover – sees that wife has an orgasm in marital congress”.

My favourite is getting a demerit for calling “Where is….? without first hunting the object”.

With the full husband and wife scales now online you can rate each other all the way to marital bliss. Or not.

Link to ‘Tests for Husbands and Wives’.

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