Psychoanalyst finger puppets

What better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon than recreating some of the most important moments in the history of psychoanalysis with some specially made finger puppets!

Uncommon Goods make a set of puppets that allows you to assign one of your pinkies to Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Anna Freud or a couch.

Personally, I would have replaced the couch with Melanie Klein so eager puppeteers could recreate the bitter arguments that eventually led to the splitting of psychoanalysis into three separate warring factions.

Sadly, the current set doesn’t allow it, but it does allow you to recreate those precious moments where Sigmund analysed his daughter Anna during her childhood.

The more observant among you may notice there’s only four finger puppets, leaving one finger to remain, erm… symbolic.

Link to psychoanalyst finger puppets.

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