Pills, shills and bellyaches

Investigative journalist Phil Dawdy has written a fantastic piece for the Willamette Week looking at the background to the recent research on buried antidepressant drug trials.

The paper was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine by psychiatrist Erick Turner, who used to do paid promotional work for the drug industry before he got disillusioned with towing the company line.

Dawdy’s piece focuses on Turner, his mission to uncover all the data on antidepressant efficacy and its impact since publication.

You may know Dawdy from his blog, Furious Seasons, which even if you don’t agree with every angle, is doggedly researched and compulsive reading.

There’s also an amusing post-script to the Willamette Week article just published on the blog which gave me a chuckle.

Link to Willamette Week article ‘Bitter Pill’.

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