Orgasms, insanity and microbes in SciAmMind

The new edition of Scientific American Mind has just hit the shelves and has some fantastic articles. It seems they’ve changed schedule to releasing one major feature article online for free every week, and the first is a piece on stereotype threat.

Stereotype threat is an intriguing effect where people perform worse when they think the task might confirm a social prejudice about them. When exactly the same test is presented as being unrelated to the negative stereotype, people perform better.

Actually, I can’t wait to read other articles on the neuroscience of orgasm, the role of infection in psychosis, the latest treatments being tried for stimulant drug addiction and body dysmorphic disorder, to name but a few.

I’m not sure which are going to make it online, but we’ll link to them when they appear.

Good ‘ole SciAmMind.

Link to article on the psychology of stereotype threat.
Link to latest edition of SciAmMind.

One thought on “Orgasms, insanity and microbes in SciAmMind”

  1. We’re actually rolling out a new free article every two weeks. Thanks for your continued support, and keep up the great blogging!
    -Karen (a Mind editor)

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