2008-02-15 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Psychiatrists and the fashion for corduroy suitsFronter Psychiatrist says don’t do it kids!

Sharp Brains looks at the benefits of teaching kids mindfulness meditation in schools.

Language Log has found the headline of the year. Genius!

Campaigners want to put health warnings about cannabis on Rizla papers. Presumably, we should also put health warnings about crack on Coke cans.

The New York Times on an interesting study that found that girls’ self-perception of popularity predicted later weight gain.

An article in the The New York Times discusses the art of persuasion and the psychological research behind it.

Some thoughts really do require language. Cognitive Daily covers a study that tackles the controversial issue of whether thought and language are dependent upon each other.

Yes darling, you’re unique. Just like everyone else. Another article on the psychology and speed dating suggests it’s a maverick scientific approach when it’s already been used many times. This week, Nature joins the list of suitors.

If you’re still waiting for PBS’s The Lobotomist to appear online, it’s become available as a torrent for the impatient.

Deric Bownd’s examines a study that developed a computer-based face recognition system with 100% accuracy.

New study attempts to answer why orgasms are better when you love your lover.

More in orgasm news: Frontal Cortex looks at a real-life orgasmatron.

The wonderful Felice Frankel thinks about how to represent ideas visually in American Scientist.

Acceptance, not distraction, is the way to deal with pain. The BPS Research Digest has a fantastic complement to Lehrer’s article on the psychology and neuroscience of pain.

Eric Schwitzgebel has more reflections on his fantastic project that asks why don’t ethics professors behave better?

Psychoanalysts on love. Treatment Online captures some of their insights.

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