Neurology podcasts – the shocking truth

The American Academy of Neurology are now doing fortnightly super-geeky podcasts that feature discussions about studies published in their journal.

If you’re not familiar with the arcane language of neurology – tough luck, as they make no effort to explain anything to the uninitiated.

They’re not quite as bad as the American Journal of Psychiatry podcasts (which I previously described as an ‘excessively thorough lecture given by a voice synthesiser’ although I’m actually finding the fembot voice rather sexy – is that wrong?) and include some discussion rather than just spoken summaries.

Occasionally, they throw a curve ball and include poetry, or a quick hint or tip for the clinician, but mainly they’re neurologists doing what neurologists do best – talking about brain disorders in lots and lots of detail.

Also, I challenge you not to shout out “Space. The Final Frontier!” when you hear the opening fanfare.

I keep mentioning them, but the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s podcasts are excellent – dealing with the nitty gritty of the science but also explaining the concepts and debating the controversial points. They really should be a model for others to follow.

And as an aside, Nature’s NeuroPod seems to be missing in action again.

Mind Hacks. The Perez Hilton of academic neuroscience podcast gossip.

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