Power and consciousness with John Searle

Philosopher John Searle, most widely known for his ‘Chinese Room‘ thought experiment, is profiled in an article for The Times.

The article is partly a review of his new book Freedom and Neurobiology, and partly a look back at the work and experiences which have shaped his current views on mind, brain and society.

Searle, like Daniel Dennett, tries to avoid the technical jargon that haunts some philosophical literature and is known for penning accessible material even when writing for academic journals.

The article is written by fellow philosopher David Papineau who doesn’t seem awfully keen on Searle’s new ideas.

Link to Times review and article on Searle.

One thought on “Power and consciousness with John Searle”

  1. Hi! I bought the book in japanese. I have one question. hack #93 the picure 10-2, Does it have a name? I know picture 10-1 is called Thatcher Illusion
    I’d like to know the name of this illusion. I’m looking forward to your reply.

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