Dog prozac wins dumbest moments in business prize

Fortune has just published it’s list of the year’s 101 Dumbest Moments in Business, and at number two comes drug company Eli Lilly, with dog Prozac.

Seemingly, dog depression is an unrecognised epidemic / untapped market that is just crying out for some pharmacological intervention.

Thank God. We’ve been so worried since Lucky dyed his hair jet black and started listening to the Smiths.

Eli Lilly wins FDA approval to put Prozac into chewable, beef-flavored pills to treat separation anxiety in dogs.

Link to Fortune second dumbest business moment of the year.

2 thoughts on “Dog prozac wins dumbest moments in business prize”

  1. No…YOU win the dumbest prize for not understanding that dogs can suffer the same problems as humans and can be helped by the same medications. The link is to my Flickr site where you can meet Gloria. She is a pit bull who met someone like Mike Vick and was nearly beaten to death. As a result you can see the damage to her skull. This caused a great deal of brain damage the symptoms of which are greatly helped by PROZAC. Because she takes Prozac Gloria is able to lead a fairly normal life and is loved very much by my husband and myself as well as our other dogs.
    Please bother to do a little research before putting down a medication that can help anyone, even if you feel it is “only” a dog.
    Jane and the Hole in the Wall Gang

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