Think gum

Think Gum is a chewing gum that apparently contains a number of ‘brain boosting’ ingredients, although is mainly notable for its high caffeine content.

As well as caffeine, it contains ginkgo biloba and bacopa monnieri, two herbal supplements which some preliminary studies have found increase memory and concentration.

It’s hard to say whether these have any effect in this particular product but the 20mg of caffeine per piece of gum should keep you alert, even if the caffeine come-down will take away as much as the lift will give you in the first place.

I once had a pharmacist explain the lift and come-down of stimulant drugs to me as “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, which I thought was a little ironic considering how many catered advertising pitches they get taken to by drug companies while under the impression they’re getting a free lunch.

Link to Think Gum.

5 thoughts on “Think gum”

  1. Sounds like a cool product. I don’t know if 20mg of caffeine will most people crash though. A cup of strong coffee has about 100mg in it. 20mg is probably the right amount to wake you up but not make you jittery.

  2. What the hell? Is this just straight product placement?
    A favorable review of just another caffeinated gum which happens to be called ‘Think’, and then a favorable comment by a poster lamely called ‘BrainPower123’? Something is fishy.
    Were you paid for this? I won’t be angry, I just think you should put a disclaimer up next time you put an ad as news in your blog.

  3. Hi Rich,
    No I wasn’t paid for it nor was anyone else. You’ll notice it’s under our ‘nonsense’ category, which is where I put a whole range of mind or brain related merchandise that I find online (normally t-shirts, toys and sweets) as well as other jokey or semi-serious stuff.
    We’ve never taken a paid advert, and I always mention possible conflicts of interest (see for relevance to books).
    I’ve no idea who BrainPower123 is, but it’s quite possible he or she is someone from the company attempting to counter the negative comments I made in the post above, but it could be just someone commenting on the possible effects of the caffeine dose.
    Actually, I’ve never tried Think Gum so have no idea what it’s like. It just looked interesting.

  4. No, fair comment I think Rich. I tend to put little thought into these sorts of posts, so mostly just repeat the product description and add a few lines of sarcasm if I have time!

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