Pavlov and Brian Wilson redux

Ivan Pavlov and Brian Wilson – together at last! This rather unlikely combination seemed to spark a bit of interest, so here is a brief collection of your contributions.

Thanks to Lloyd for sending in one of Mark Stivers’ hilarious cartoons that gives an interesting twist on Pavlov’s experiments. Click for the larger version.

Jesse mentioned a clip from The Office that depicts a wonderful demonstration of classical conditioning, as used when trying to annoy your coworkers.

On a Brian Wilson tip, Simon notes that “While insane, Brian Wilson recorded an album called “Sweet Insanity” with [psychologist] Eugene Landy as co-producer, but his label rejected it. WFMU’s blog has a most delightfully terrifying track from said album.”

Brian Wilson rapping. Indeed truly terrifying.

Distinctly less terrifying is Aimee Mann’s recent track, ‘Pavlov’s Bell’, which also references the work of the bearded Russian dog harasser.

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