The joy of sexology

The Charlie Rose Show had a recent discussion on the science of sex, and the video of the programme is available to view online. It’s a fascinating discussion, largely focusing on biology and neuroscience, but as Dr Petra Boyton notes it’s quite a narrow consideration in some respects.

For me, simply seeing a discussion of sex research in the still remarkably prudish American media is a huge step.

I suspect their achingly academic approach to the subject reflects the need to be seen to be serious, but it’s also interesting that the Charlie Rose show is sponsored by Pfizer, the makers of Viagra, which may also account for the almost unrelenting focus on biology.

Petra Boynton suggests areas which weren’t tackled by the programme, and highlights that there’s much more to sex research than measuring the mechanisms of our bodies.

It’s well worth watching, but definitely with some of the context in mind.

One of the best programmes on sexuality I have seen on TV was The Truth About Female Desire, which was a collaboration with the Kinsey Institute and involved several women taking part in a number of scientific experiments on female sexuality.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available on public servers, but I’ll post on Mind Hacks if ever I find a reliable torrent.

Link to Charlie Rose discussion on Human Sexuality.
Link to Petra Boynton on the programme.

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