Encephalon 35 and 36 catch up

The psychology and neuroscience writing carnival Encephalon published both its 35th edition and its 36th edition in recent weeks, and I seemed to have slept through these momentous occasions, so hopefully this post will make amends.

Encephalon 35 was hosted at The Primate Diaries and includes articles on, among other things, the neuropsychology of creative thinking and the link between education and Alzheimer’s disease.

Brain in a Vat was the place to be for Encephalon 36 which had many fantastic pieces, including one on embodied cognition and another on the growth of the brain in people diagnosed with ADHD.

That’s just a sample of the large selection of articles submitted to the carnivals, so have a browse through both editions to get a flavour of what’s been hot in the online mind and brain world.

Link to Encephalon 35.
Link to Encephalon 36.

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