No holds barred neuroscience interviews

The scientific journal Molecular Interventions has a whole load of open-access articles that contain interviews with leading molecular biologists, including several with notable neuroscientists.

As you might expect from a scientific journal (which rarely include interviews) the exchanges are in-depth and gloriously geeky in places.

I haven’t found a search term to cleanly pull out all the interviews, but so far I’ve found discussions with:

Kay Redfield Jamison: ‘The Personal and Professional: Of One Mind’.
David Colquhoun: ‘An Uncommon Scientist with a Lot of Common Sense’.
Geoffrey Burnstock: ‘Most highly cited scientist’.
Floyd Bloom: ‘Neuroscience was not even a word’.
Candace Pert: ‘Paradigms from Neuroscience: When Shift Happens’.
Nora Volkow: ‘Motivated Neuroscientist’.
Sol Snyder: ‘Research as an Art Form’.
Eric Kandel: ‘The future of memory’.

I’ve not read them all, but there’s some real gems in there from some neuroscience heroes, so well-worth a read through.

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