2007-10-12 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Alternatives to the ‘war on drugs‘ are discussed by Foreign Policy magazine.

Language Log picks up on a startling new discovery from Dr Alfred Crokus’s lab: the corpus callosum is the ‘caring membrane‘ in the brain. Will wonders never cease?

The Neurocritic has a fantastic article on the neuroscience of social norms.

ABC Radio National’s The Health Report has a special on drugs and the teenage mind.

Neurophilosophy discovers some beautiful and striking memory art.

Is shyness a mental illness? PsyBlog considers whether diagnosis has gone too far and discusses how to overcome shy feelings.

New Scientist reports on a study that has found that seemingly spontaneous brain activity causes spontaneous mistaykes.

BPS Research Digest reports on an interesting study that differing attitudes about an individual’s place in society in Asian and American people can affect reasoning about time and place.

Oliver Sacks’s soon-to-be-released book ‘Musicophilia’ is reviewed by Slate.

PsychCentral has some important information on signs that someone might be suicidal.

Research finds a link between certain genes and risk of suicide after antidepressant use, according to a piece in Science News.

Deric Bownd’s discusses an interesting new study on the neuroscience of consciousness.

Fox News headline “Brain Found in Bag Outside Virginia Apartment Complex“. Quite unlike all those simple ones that have been found recently.

A recent study on spontaneous laughing and crying that can occur after a stroke is discussed by Corpus Callosum.

Epilepsy drug topiramate helps alcoholics quit the bottle according to a new study picked up by New Scientist.

Treatment Online reports that people with anorexia may have an altered sense of taste.

Video games may reduce gender gap in spatial ability. Cognitive Daily find and explain another cool study.

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