Tuna can brain tattoo, awkward acronym reminder

An unknown gent has had a brain tattooed on the top of his head, revealed by a picture of a peeled back tuna can. Actually, a few visual neuroscience things have popped up this week, so I’ve collected them here.

Omni Brain found a cartoon of what brain surgeons might be thinking during neurosurgery. If Dr Katrina Firlik’s book is anything to go by, it probably isn’t far off.

The BPS Research Digest found an eerily silent animation of deep brain stimulation.

And the ever-excellent xkcd online science comic had a great panel about the cognitive neuroscience of planning the ultimate tree house.

Also, this is your last chance to get your submission in for our awkward acronyms in cognitive science (AAICS) competition. The winner will be announced Monday and will get my spare copy of David Lodge’s Thinks.

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