Neurotech industry consultant profiled

The San Francisco Chronicle has an article on neurotech industry consultant Zack Lynch, who you might know from the blog Brain Waves.

Lynch is executive director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization, an umbrella organisation for the commercial neuroscience sector, and managing director of NeuroInsights, a business intelligence service.

The San Francisco Chronicle article looks at Lynch’s aims and work, in partnership with his wife, neurobiologist Casey Lynch, as well as giving an insight into how the neurotech industry is becoming an increasingly important force in the marketplace and in policy making.

Lynch is an interesting guy to watch. He’ll always pitch for industry, but his job relies on him having a balanced view of what’s likely to work out in the marketplace.

Interestingly, the article also notes he’s written a book on the neurotech industry that’s recently found a publisher:

The first neurotechnology project Lynch took on in 2001, a book titled “Brain Waves,” just landed a publisher. The book allows Lynch to take his favored “200-year view,” speculating on how business, politics and culture will evolve in a future era of neurotech inventions that might change the way people think and communicate. Lynch is fascinated by the ethical and social dilemmas that might emerge. If drugs can enhance memory, for example, would college entrance exams still be fair? “Who’s going to be able to afford this?” Lynch asks.

Link to article ‘Brainstorming about the brain’.

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