Setting yourself back 30 years with hypnosis

Celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna on BBC Radio 4’s music programme, Desert Island Discs:

“When you hear a song, back in say the 70s, the first time you heard it, it sounded absolutely fantastic and it’ll never sound like that again. So, I age regressed myself – I know this sounds a little unusual – and took myself back and then whacked on Sister Sledge, and it just sounded phenomenal. It sounded like it did years ago. It was fresh, with those amazing big disco drums…”

Paul McKenna, confusing the sound of drums with the sound of serious hypnosis researchers banging their heads against the wall.

One thought on “Setting yourself back 30 years with hypnosis”

  1. Dr. Milton Erickson was invited by two of his clients (husband and wife) to dinner. The wife proclaimed that she would prepare anything that Erickson wanted.
    When Milton suggested that he would like something with white gravy, the husband began laughing hard, and the wife blushed.
    When Doctor Erickson asked what was so funny, the husband replied, “We’ve been married for well over 10 years, doctor, and for well over 10 years I have been trying to get her to make white gravy. I grew up with it, and I miss it dearly, but she’s always said that white gravy is for poor, country bumpkins and has refused to make it… and finally, I am going to get my white gravy.”
    Doctor Erickson explained to the wife that white gravy was a simple pleasure and really quite enjoyable, and there was no reason at all why anyone shouldn’t enjoy it from time to time with their meals. Erickson was a prestigious doctor, after all, and if he still enjoyed white gravy with his meals, why couldn’t they?
    I am sure that Mr. McKenna is not the only hypnotist who has used trance phenomena to increase the enjoyment of his life. Why shouldn’t he? What in particular is so embarrassing about it?
    A major part of the legacy left by Erickson was the encouragement of curiosity and the creative use of trance phenomena and the discouragement of rigidity. From what I’ve been told, those who continued to be rigid around Erickson were in for one hell of a tough time. He could be sadistic.

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