Hand in Glove

And who could resist finishing the day with rock n’ roll?

Seed magazine has an account of rock producer turned cognitive neuroscientist Dan Levitin meeting with rock musician David Byrne, and 3QuarksDaily have found a curious reference to 80s group The Smiths in a book on the philosophy of mind.

The first paragraph of philosopher Akeel Bilgrami’s book Belief and Meaning (ISBN 0631196773) contains a reference to The Smiths track ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’:

Content is what is specified by sentences or propositions in that-clauses when we attribute intentional states to agents. Thus, in the attribution, “Smith believes that Bigmouth has struck again,” the sentence or proposition (Bigmouth has struck again) which follows the “that” specifies the content.

Link to Dan Levitin and David Byrne interview in Seed.
Link to 3QuarksDaily on philosophy and The Smiths.

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