Commercial brain computer interface on sale

Neurophilosopher reports on a commercial brain-computer interface system called g.MOBIlab that has just become available.

The system comes in various versions that can be hooked up to PCs and PDAs using various interfaces including wireless and across the internet.

To quote from the company’s website:

g.MOBIlab – g.tec’s portable biosignal acquisition and analysis system – is the perfect tool for recording multimodal biosignal data on a standard Pocket PC, PC or notebook. This allows to investigate brain-, heart-, muscle-activity, eye movement, respiration, galvanic skin response, pulse and other body signals.

Reading electrical signals from the brain and other parts of the body is relatively simple.

The thing that will determine whether the system is of reasonable standard will be the post recording electronics such as the signal amplifiers, filters and digital signal processing software, to make sense of noisy data that is generated when the brain is at work.

Neurophilosopher has also linked to a video where someone is navigating through a virtual world using the system.

Link to Neurophilosopher on the g.MOBIlab system.

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