Drug breakthrough for fashionable new mental illness

Life-changing new drug Havidol (chemical name Avafynetyme HCl) has just been marketed for the widely under-recognised disorder Dysphoric Social Attention Consumption Deficit Anxiety Disorder (DSACDAD).

DSACDAD is a new diagnosis where sufferers experience symptoms such as “worrying about life, feeling tense, restless, or fatigued, being concerned about their weight, noticing signs of aging, feeling stress at work, home, or finding activities they used to enjoy, like shopping, challenging.”

The drug targets the recently discovered hedonine hormone to boost the brain’s reward system for when “feeling better is not enough”.

Havidol joins other next generation drugs Fukitol, Panexa, Progenitorivox and Proloxil as medications that not only affect the brain, but also purify the soul.

Link to Havidol website (via BoingBoing).
Link to previous Mind Hacks post on soul purifying pharmaceuticals.

3 thoughts on “Drug breakthrough for fashionable new mental illness”

  1. Might be worth mentioning in the summary that this is, of course, a joke.
    “Have it all”
    “Have a fine time HCl”
    Hedonine = Hedonistic
    Fukitol = F*ck it all

  2. this is bullcrap! frigging chemicals to mess up with your brain like respiredone, seroquel, clonazapam, olanzapine, and the like. Chemical lobotomies.

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