Liquid psychiatry

Due to the public’s confusion over the difference between psychiatry and psychology, I have developed a minor hobby out of spotting the word ‘psychiatry’ in places it shouldn’t be.

This was inspired by hearing someone on the bus accuse her friend of using ‘reverse psychiatry’ on her.

Another one that seems to pop up is ‘abnormal psychiatry‘, which is presumably where doctors treat mental illness while acting a bit oddly.

One of my favourites though, is on a drinks can sold by sandwich shop Pret. The ‘Yoga Bunny Detox’ drink is advertised as being ‘liquid psychiatry’.

I’ve checked the ingredients, and there seems to be no trace of psychotropic drugs, so I presume it just takes my blood and interviews me for signs of psychopathology.

Any other sightings of out-of-place psychiatry would be gratefully received.

One thought on “Liquid psychiatry”

  1. Upon seeing this blog, I was certain my father would enjoy reading it. Since my family is in this line of work environment, I expected something fun in reply. This is what he wrote:
    Consistent with the psychiatry vs. psychology theme in the mindhack link you sent, I found and mused over the attached photo. Couldn’t decide if the man was a Psychologist, Psychiatrist or patient. After having dealt with these three populations for the last 40+ years, I concluded that he was a patient; he offered his services for no fee. The other two guys would have charged. ThePsychologist would have charged less, but would have required cash payment. The Psychiatrist would have accepted Medicare and HMO, etc. payment with patients paying their deductible by credit-card.
    Hugs to all,

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