When I grow up…

oko.jpgChild support organisation KidLink has a section that collects children’s desires for future careers. The pages for psychologist and psychiatrist are simultaneously touching, alarming and hilarious.

Anastasiya from Kazakstan: My dream-is to be a dentist or psychologist. Why? Because I want to help people and get a lot of money.

Let’s hope Anastasia isn’t planning on working for the NHS.

Kirsty from Australia: I have no idea what I will be! Either a vet, olympic sprinter or maybe a professional soccer, tennis or volleyball player? Maybe even a actress, cause i did drama. Or a singer. I like singing, I am in the chior and I have done a solo once. Oh, I know, if I don’t get professional for any of those sports I could always be a sports teacher. Or maybe even a psychologist. Or a stand up comedian. I don’t know yet. But I love sport, so i will probably do something sporty. A surfer? I like swimming in the sea, not pools. And I go to the beach a lot.

Kay Redfield Jamison? Is that you?

Chinetta from United States: i want to become a psychiatrist and i want to drive a porsche and i want a big house

Chinetta is obviously one of the America’s few remaining children who have yet to meet a psychiatrist.

Alexandria from United States: When I grow up I would like to become a psychiatrist because I really enjoy helping others. It makes me feel good when I help some one cope with their issues and see them benefit from the advice that I give them. In order to do so I plan on going to college for as long as it takes. I would like to go to Spelman but I am not sure if it is the right school to study for Psychiaty. I am determined to make it though I will go to school for as long as it takes as long as I am able to save at least one person from hurt and sorrow.

Sounds like you’ll make an excellent psychiatrist Alexandria.

Julia from Belarus: At fisrt I want to get higher education.Earlier I wanted to become a barrister but in our country it’s impossible & now I want to become a psychologist.Like every normal man I want that my work will bring me,of course,money & will make me happy.But in general I would like to be a poet — it is my dream & if I have a real chance in order to realize it I will use this chance what’s more I write verses & my friends don’t find them bad.It is all.

Link to KidLink careers: psychologist.
Link to KidLink careers: psychiatrist.

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