2006-09-15 Spike activity

Quick links from the past [few weeks] in mind and brain news:


Michael Crawford discusses The Schizophrenic Symptom of Flat Affect, including insights from his own experience.

Can Freudian ideas help us explain fundamentalism and extremist ideologies? asks the New York Times

Dopamine helps punters spot their ‘best bet’ according to a recent news story in New Scientist.

The NPR Day to Day radio programme discusses the psychology of why people make false confessions to the police.

Difficulties with engaging areas of the prefrontal cortex may explain why teenagers can be more ‘selfish’ suggests new research.

Academic doping: Are kids being given drugs like Ritalin by their parents purely to improve their academic performance?

The Neuroethics and Law Blog tackles the legal and ethical implication of the recent study that suggested a coma-like PVS patient had conscious thought.

Do we all mean the same thing when we talk about colors? asks Cognitive Daily.

A drug used for treating Alzheimer’s drug may also combat brain injury, reports New Scientist.

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