World Hearing Voices Day today

speakers_cabinet.jpgToday has been designated as World Hearing Voices Day to raise awareness of the experience of hearing voices.

Although the stereotype is that hearing voices is associated with mental illness, the majority of people who hear voices do not have mental illness and are never in need or help or assistance because of their experiences.

There is now a world-wide hearing voices movement that aims to provide an alternative to the medical model (which has traditionally seen ‘voices’ as symptoms) and reframe them as part of the rich tapestry of human existence.

The movement has a curious beginning. Dutch psychiatrist Marius Romme was challenged by one of his patients who had found that her own explanation of her voices gave her far more relief than the psychiatric explanation.

Romme discovered that many other voices hearers had this experience, and, consequently, he and a voice hearer discussed this experience on a Dutch television chat show.

The show was flooded with callers who also heard voices, the majority of whom had never needed medical help.

From this, the Hearing Voices Network was founded in the UK to support voice hearers, and Romme has written a number of books on the subject.

Accepting Voices (ISBN 9781874690139) was co-written with journalist and now psychiatric researcher Sandra Escher and provides advice and information for those who experience voices.

Many voice hearers who do find their voices distressing, will often use both psychiatric help, and the help of non-psychiatric support groups to manage their experiences.

ABC Radio’s All in the Mind recently had a special on the science and culture of hearing voices and the transcript of the show is available online.

Link to Wikipedia article on Hearing Voices Movememt.
Link to transcript of All in the Mind on hearing voices.
Link to recent research on hearing voices (via BB).

One thought on “World Hearing Voices Day today”

  1. These voices are spirits, they would often try to instruct me on how to do things, but were almost always wrong and would get angry at me if I did not do things according to their instructions. They often manipulated bible scripture, to their favor, revealing things about Heaven and Hell, the average person would not know. For example, these spirits guided men during old testament era, but were fired, because the lacked God’s wisdom or applied it improperly, due to their own corruption. Spirits are not suppose to sin, human bodies can sin, but these spirits often use human bodies to commit their sins, this is absolutely forbidden by God himself. This occurred during the time of Jesus Christ, he gained God’s wisdom and that is why, he replaced these spirits as our guide and ruler, Jesus tested this spirits, using God’s wisdom and they failed. This is the same wisdom God and Jesus teaches men, these spirits have been taught and tested by God for many generations, humans have always bested them and these spirits have always failed, due to self righteousness and committing sin (corruption). They are the reason, men are allowed to sin and our Lord Jesus Christ had to die for our sins, they in turn, have no forgiveness, they were suppose to to be teachers of men, but men became their teachers. This is due to their lack of learning and obedience to God, these spirits are and were angels, they were created to serve God, but chose to serve themselves. The battles that occur between these two groups, are what cause men to become bitter and indifferent, this is due to their affect on our bodies. Men (humanity) are created to be inherently good just like our Father in Heaven, so were these spirits, but they became evil, when they disobeyed God. Men are free to chose their behaviors and actions, thanks to Jesus, but when acted upon by these spirits, often become self righteous and evil. One day, God will eliminate them completely, men’s (humanity) problems will disappear and we will live in peace and harmony forever and ever. Amen P.S> God knows what these spirits do, if they use our minds and bodies to blaspheme him, ignore it and forget it, God loves us humans very much. Thanks Jesus.

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