Grand unifying theories in psychology

sky_at_35000_feet.jpgPsyBlog has just started a series looking at whether the different findings, concepts and predictions of the various schools of psychology could ever be explained by one ‘grand theory’.

By drawing on excerpts from the existing literature, the series gives us a tour through a radical rethinking of how we explain the action of the mind.

Alternatively, perhaps a search for a ‘grand unifying theory’ is just physics envy at its most ridiculous, where psychology is just trying to ape the most absurd aspects of modern theoretical physics.

Whether it sounds like a grand vision or navel gazing to you, the series covers all angles, and there is more to come in the series.

Link to ‘Unity in Psychology: The Search Starts Here’ from PsyBlog.

2 thoughts on “Grand unifying theories in psychology”

  1. Sure it can be explained by considering the ONE MIND concept of ancient mythology and Mose’s Genesis…
    Of course, it may seem oversimplistic. One can explain the entire history of the development of human thought and the evolution of species by just considering the most basis root survival, breeding and defense mechanisms necessary for even a friggen Amoeba to survive cell division (Eve from Adam’s Rib). Copulating is cool, but it produces too many little people which tend to muck up “God’s” little secret garden. So, the get evicted. WHY? Well, they just started thinking too much, asking too many stupid questions, doing stupid stuff which resulted in lots and lots of personal injury and property damage until they figured out that Cain slaying Abel, most likely over a piece of tail, most likely his sisters or Mom’s, generated some serious problems and instigated what later became hardwired common behavior we have been trying to overcome ever since.
    Most folks ask, on a variety of forms or in interviews, “What is your Race or Ethnicity?” I usually answer “OTHER”. Of course when pressed for an answer I have to say I’m currently CAUCASION and descended from Central European folks who settled what was the ancient prehistorical Ruhr and Rhine Valleys, France, was descended on my Mom’s side from that Boudica Bitch who kicked the shiite out of the Roman Legions and generated the DMZ separating the BLUE People for the Civilized Romans. My ancestors who remained in Central Europe, primarilly Visigoths, eventually destroyed the Roman Empire in short order after the Romans pissed in our porridge one time too many as we attempted to do them a mitzvah and keep the Huns, Atilla actually, from destroying what was left of their 700 year old civilization.
    They were somewhat disrespectful and abusive of our courtesy and service to their empire so we sacked and burnt it.
    What race or nationality am I? Barbarian, Visigoth by way of Neanderthal. Actually MY ANCESTORS were not HUMAN AT ALL. They grunted alot, fought, fucked and killed most of what they ate. When there wasn’t wasn’t much or anything to eat and they were holed up in the cave painting little game animals on the walls in hope so “IMPREGNATING THE EARTH MOTHER” and producing game for the next hunt, just like they “PAINTED” little people inside of their women to produce generations of little hunter gatherers, they quite often ate each other.
    It’s kinda like GOD is all of us but he’s just a touch AUTISTIC defensively when he needs to be. I*** think, therefore I*** am. If you fuck with MY*** serenity and sense of self then I*** exist and you don’t. In that way we separate our minds from each other’s scrutiny at the root level as we project OURSELVES and our own spin or interpretation of reality upon our environment as discrete physical forms in need of a bit of EGO INTEGRITY, Self Control, Self Determination, and a need to keep others out of our own little gardens.
    It’s easy. I AM because I THINK and I decided I AM. If you screw with me then I will arrange for YOU not to exist. EXISTENTIALISM
    I allow you to exist. I you mess with my shit I will arrange for you not to exist. Comprende’
    Wonder where our man at Yale’s imaginary ROOMATE and other invisible buddies came from? Collective recognition of individual hallucinations results in a shared reality based upon a religio, or linking back, to our histories in our own heads and results in the enhancement of shared commmon history with the associated physical memories attached.
    Some dreams have all of the elements of conventional reality involving all of the 5 senses. Our collective Circadian Processes allow for the integration of shared concepts of space and time, our need to be discrete entities creates the separations between us in “REAL TIME” vs. VIRTUAL TIME.
    Perhaps Moses was not wrong and the universe in the matrix and engine of our little 25 thousand mile in circumference HOLODECK?
    Of course, the biological stuff and all of that is quite real too, but if you reverse engineer it properly you may find we evolved from slime mold, eventually became apes of sorts, then a variety of protohomonids, until we took upon us our present form, both physically and mentally.
    Do you think the TOE or Theory of Everything applies only to culinary experiments involving bagels?

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