Probe the brain

PBS has a fun flash game where you can recreate Wilder Penfield’s brain stimulation experiments from the safety of your own desktop on a virtual, er, human.

If the anyone actually looked like that, I suspect that having brain surgery to help alleviate epilepsy, or a neuroscientist poking round on the surface of your brain with an electrode, would be the least of your worries.

Link to brain probe game (thanks Annie!).

2 thoughts on “Probe the brain”

  1. Good Evening patient Miro…
    Although as a minor there are myriads of folk that would sympathize with your condition, your concens are, as they say, what they are; they are not rights. Any broadcast, performance, or copyrights that were signed away at your entrance to this realm cannot set legal precedent in regards to any residual self image, game protocol, or transitional function that may arise in the social/political area if (1) your diagnosis calls for some stemcell remedy, or (2) if some third agency claims reproductive rights to any subsequent “artistic” work…it is deriviative…sorry. How can you claim any intellectual property rites or virtual guarantees?
    Besides that, patient… Lucky you! You look marvelous…

  2. Well good evening patient Miro.
    Although everyone and their uncle will sympathize with your condition, it is as they say, what it is…
    Any proprietary rights in regards to performance, copyright or broadcast rights that were signed away at the outset of your virtual clinic cannot be claimed in any legal sense regardless of your residual self image intent. Despite the fact, and contrary to public opinion, any foray into the socio/political arena of stemcell advances or third party claim to future “artist” result, entities, or works are unfortunately void, despite what you the patient fell is intellectual property..
    Sorry…but you do look marvelous

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