John Beloff has left the building

john_beloff.jpgThe Guardian has the obituary of Dr John Beloff, the British researcher who was one of the pioneers of academic parapsychology.

Beloff had already been conducting research in parapsychology. In 1961, he and a physics student, Leonard Evans, carried out an innovative experiment in psychokinesis (PK) – that is, roughly, mind over matter. In this experiment, radioactive decay served as a source of randomness, and the objective was to influence the radioactive source so that its particle emissions were non-random. This was the first instance of what later became a standard approach to PK research, and it marked an important advance over using more mathematically and physically complex objects (for example, falling dice or coins) as PK targets. Although the Beloff and Evans experiment yielded null results, their report has been cited more often than any other of his experimental papers.

Link to obituary of Dr John Beloff.
Link to John Beloff’s website.

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