Brain-Computer Interfaces

The June edition of IEEE Transactions in Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering has some articles of interest including such titles as “Could cortical signals control intraspinal stimulators?” from the Mushahwar lab, “Cortically coupled computer vision for rapid image search” from the Sajda lab, “An oral tactile interface for blind navigation” from Tang and Beebe, “The Neurochip BCI: towards a neural prosthesis for upper limb function” from the Fetz lab, as well as recent reports from scientists at BCI2000. Also check out the articles by Leuthhardt et al, and Moran et al.

For a recent review of the field of neuroprosthetics, you can download presentations from the website of the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center of the United States’ Army.

Also check out the Neurotech Network “dedicated to the use of neurotechnology, the application of medical electronics to improve or restore function of the human nervous system,” directed by Jennifer French. Ms. French is an advocate for people with neurologic impairment and is a person I greatly admire.

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