Paint It Black

paint_it_black_image.jpgPaint It Black are a hardcore punk band from Philidelphia, fronted by psychologist Dr Dan Yemin.

Yemin is a practising child psychologist who takes time out to tour and record with his band.

The band’s first album was entitled CVA, the medical abbreviation for cerebrovascular accident. This condition is better known as a stroke and is where the blood supply is interrupted to part of the brain.

The reason for this curious title was that Yemin suffered a stroke before recording the album and wrote the title track about the experience.

Yemin recovered from his stroke, recorded the second album, and is currently touring with the rest of the band.

Link to Paint It Black official website.
Link to Paint It Back myspace page.

One thought on “Paint It Black”

  1. Random facts from a psychologist/occasional hardcore band frontman:
    Lifetime (one of Yemin’s old bands) are a seriously big deal in the hardcore scene.
    Hardcore/heavy bands with psych/neuro names (that I can attest to the quality of) include Nodes of Ranvier, Psychosis and Neurosis.
    I love the fact that so many figures in the hardcore scene have solid, socially benificial day-jobs, rather than being all about the moosic and nothing but, man, or just wanting to be rawk stars. See also Stretch Armstrong who have been putting out albums for 7-8 years, while also teaching school.

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