Six impossible things

SixImpossibleThingsCover.jpgSeveral recent reviews have tackled biologist Lewis Wolpert’s new book on the biology of belief Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast (ISBN 0571209203).

In his book, Wolpert tackles religious belief in some detail, joining the fray with Daniel Dennett who has recently been promoting his own book on religion Breaking the Spell (see previously).

John Gray’s review in the New Statesman is most skeptical about both Dennett and Wolpert, arguing that they’re “of interest chiefly to anxious humanists seeking to boost their sagging faith”.

The review in Time Magazine tackles the scientific arguments in more detail, as does the review in The Times, and are both more positive in their appraisal – with The Times going as far as saying it has “beautiful and sometimes breathtaking clarity”.

Link to review in the New Statesman.
Link to review in Time Magazine.
Link to review in The Times.

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