This page used to hold a picture and glowing recommendation for Off The Mark Cartoons. However, we received a threatening legal notice from them so we’ve withdrawn the picture.

We’ve also withdrawn our recommendation because they seem to think that sending threats for $150,000 dollars, out-of-the-blue, with not so much as an introduction, is an appropriate way to treat their fans.

We think different, so we hope you don’t mind us changing a page in our archives.

For those still desperate for some cartoon action, this XKCD cartoon is wonderful.

2 thoughts on “Inkblots”

  1. Just so that your visitors are aware of the threatening legal notice that was sent, here is a copy. Please note that we requested that the copyrighted image that was illegally removed from our website be taken down and no future action would be initiated. You proceeded to have a lengthy email conversation with us about how we were wrong to want to protect our copyrighted property.
    Dear Webmaster,
    It has been brought to our attention that our copyrighted “off the mark” cartoons have been posted on your site without permission and usage fees.
    Although this may be flattering, permission and reprint usage fees by the copyright holder, Mark Parisi, is required. Selling the reprint rights to use off the mark cartoons is how the artist supports his family and earns an income. Use without permission is theft.
    Copyright law allows for fines up to $150,000 and payment of legal fees. If however, you are not interested in paying to use our cartoons, we just ask that you remove the copyrighted cartoons from your website and do not post our cartoons again without permission and we will forgo any additional legalities.
    For more information about copyright law and it’s penalties, please visit:
    If you’re interested in purchasing the rights to post cartoon, we would be happy to provide you with a quote.
    If payment for use is not in your budget, please remove the following cartoon(s) from your website within 7 days of this email.

  2. Actually, we immediately took down the picture (actually, a reduced sized image of one of your many cartoons) and at no point did we say you were wrong to protect your copyright, just that we felt you were going about it a rather bullying and unfriendly manner that clearly made enemies of your fans.

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