Sandra Kiume, founder of the Neurofuture blog has kicked off a tongue-in-cheek competition to coin a new ‘neuroword’.

Some of my favourites include the beautifully recursive “neurologism: a word created by prefixing ‘neuro’ to almost any normal word” (by Neil H) and “neuromanticism: the discipline that investigates neural correlates of love” (by Andrea Gaggioli). My own contribution is “neurosceptic: someone who doubts grand media claims made on behalf of neuroscience”.

If you want to enter, you’ll need to be quick. The competition closes shortly.

Link to neurowords competition (via Brain Waves).

One thought on “Neurowords”

  1. Mine were slightly mischievous:
    Neuro-tic: involuntary, even unconscious tendency to bring neuroscience into any conversation.
    Neuriposte: making a comeback to based on pseudoscientific speculation as to their neuropsychological makeup: ‘that’s a very frontal thing to say’, ‘what a systematiser’, ‘it seems to me you’ve not developed your area BA10 :)’. See also Evolutaunt.
    Neureality: The belief that we are stepping into a new stage of human existence defined by advances in neuroscience. ‘Everything’s different now.’ Characterised by neuro-tics and when pushed, neuroripostes.
    Neurrelavent: Best practise when dealing with a neuriposte or neuro-tic, e.g. ‘that’s neurrelavent and you’re lowering our intelligence just by bringing it up’.

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