2 thoughts on “La Rochefoucald’s note on mental complaints”

  1. Incisive comment, indeed. It’s rubbish though – I don’t know anyone who’s got to age 20+ without regretting many of the decisions they’ve made. From “why do I always pick the wrong blokes/women” to “I wish I’d gone to college” to “I should never have taken that job” – *everyone* complains about their judgement, all the time.

  2. Peter – ‘rubbish’ is a bit strong. Regret at actual decisions is common like you say; but how many people actually say “I am bad at making the right decisions. Fundamentally, the way i view the world is inaccurate and full of harmful errors”. They might say “I wish i hadn’t done that”, but i don’t think it is as common to curse your bad judgement as it is to curse your bad memory (“I’ve got an awful memory” or “I just can’t recall faces” etc)

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