Christmas update

red_present.jpgHello Mind Hacks readers. Just a note to say that updates to the site might be a bit sporadic over the Christmas period as we’re likely to be enjoying the time to kick back and read all the neuroscience books that Santa brings.

Hopefully, the updates should be more or less daily, but please excuse the occasional brandy-fuelled omission. Here are some brief Christmas links to tide you over, though…

Christmas gingerbread could lift mood as spices contain amphetamine precursors! – This might need to be taken with a pinch of ginger I fear.

Mental health charity Mind has a guide to beating Christmas stress.

A light-hearted article from Psychology Today on the 12 neuroses of Christmas.

And, as it’s Christmas, indulge yourself in some untestable, unscientific pop-psychology: The psychology of Christmas shopping.

Roll on 2006!

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