2005-12-23 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


Chronobiology site Circadiana recommends books about clocks and sleep.

Brain Waves previews the upcoming ‘5th International Neuroesthetics Conference’ which focuses on how the brain responds to gourmet food, fine wine and aromatic perfumes.

Feeling good is the ’cause, not effect’ of achievement according to researchers.

David Letterman’s lawyers fight an odd restraining order imposed by a judge who is perhaps suffering from folie √† deux? :/

Robot demonstrates ‘self awareness‘ (i.e. can distinguish itself in a mirror) (via /.)

Wired on watching your own real-time brain scan to ‘think away the pain‘.

The ‘quality’ of your dancing could advertse your ‘sexual quality‘ to others as measured by body symmetry.

New Scientist on the desperate need for adequate mental health care after the trauma of the Asian tsunami.

Trial of implanted stem cells to treat brain injury in children starts.

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