Oliver Sacks discusses his work on Book Club

oliversacks.jpgThis month’s BBC Radio discussion programme Book Club is on The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, neurologist Oliver Sacks‘ popular and influential book of unusual cases.

The Man Who Mistook… describes a number of patients Sacks has worked with, and describes the strange experiences that can sometimes arise from injury to the brain.

The title refers to a man with visual agnosia, a condition where the ability to perceive or understand objects is lost, despite otherwise normal vision.

Sacks’ writes in the style of influential neuropsychologist Alexander Luria, who described his writing as ‘romantic science’ – aiming to capture both the scientific importance and the human impact of the disorders he studied.

Sacks himself is a guest on the programme, and members of the audience include doctors, neuroscientists, students and people who have experienced brain injury.

Link to Book Club webpage.
Realaudio of Book Club on The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

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