Snow-fuelled neurophilosophy

Pete Mandik is a professor of philosophy and was due to give a class on neurophilosophy before his class got snowed out. Instead of ditching the class he made a fantastic and funny video lecture for his students.

The pipe-chewing Mandik gives a great introduction to this particular philosophical approach to integrating neuroscience and concepts of mind – most associated with the work of Patricia and Paul Churchland.

The lecture is called ‘Two Flavors of Neurophilosophy’ and comes in three parts.

If this is what happens when it snows in New Jersey, let it snow.

Link to part one.
Link to part two.
Link to part three.

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  1. Mason Kelsey
    Posted February 15, 2014 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

    I’ve read several of Pete’s papers and I appreciate his work. I studied Cognitive Sciences, graduate level, at UCF under Jennifer Mundale, who coauthored a book with Pete while they were finishing up their Ph.D. Pete’s reference to the Churchlands and alternative viewpoints is essential in any thorough study of cognitive abilities. Thanks for posting.

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