Spike activity 06-11-2015

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

If you only read one thing this week, make it the excellent critical piece on the concept of an ‘autism spectrum’ in The Atlantic.

Nature reports that the controversial big bucks Human Brain Project has secured another three years’ funding. Giant all-knowing neurotron brain simulation coming “any day now”.

The psychological power of narrative. Good piece in Nautilus.

There’s an excellent in-depth piece on London’s BabyLab – a research centre for baby cognitive neuroscience – in Nature.

New Scientist has a fascinating piece on how a leading theory of consciousness has been rocked by oddball study.

Human language may be shaped by climate and terrain. Fascinating study covered in the newsy bit of Science.

Brain Flapping has a great piece on Robin Williams and Lewy-body dementia.

When it comes to the brain, blood also seems to be more than a travelling storyteller. In some cases, the blood may be writing the script. Interesting piece in Science News.

The Atlantic has a wonderful piece on why most languages have so few words for smells but why do these two hunter-gatherer groups have lots.

What is you mind doing during resting state fMRI scans? Interesting study covered by Neuroskeptic.

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