Hold infinity in the palms of your hand

CC Licensed image from Wikipedia. Click for imageA rare documentary about three people who have had hallucinatory and profound revelatory experiences is now available online.

Those Who Are Jesus examines the borders between revelation and psychosis and hears people recount their intense experiences while looking at how they can be understood in terms of sociology, neuropsychiatry, religion and radical mental health.

Julian believes he has been shown Jacob’s Ladder, how a universe is created and told his soul is Time itself.

Sadat says a vision of an angel said to him: “You were Jesus Christ before and you were raised to life again and you are Jesus Christ”

It’s a great non-judgemental documentary that looks at what happens when intense and idiosyncratic experience intrude on everyday life.

Link to Those Who Are Jesus on Vimeo.
Link to info about the documentary.

2 thoughts on “Hold infinity in the palms of your hand”

  1. “Those Who Are Jesus”, is too ridiculous for words giving new meaning to the blog name, Mind Hacks. And the makers of the video? The comment section will fill up with endless run-on gibberish not unlike this one.

    * I saw an equally ridiculous voice hearer video on a site called Mosaic. A Dr. Phonypony was using a therapy called “Avatar” teaching voice hearers how to talk back to their voices by talking to an empty chair while hearing an over-dubbed porn “voice of God” piped in from another room. A joke video presented seriously.

    * Always nearby is a pic of a female voice hearer complete with green hair and nose ring claiming to be perfectly ok and sane…just like you and me. Well you anyway.

    Yes there are many voice hearers who r not SCZ.

    * The stupid reality goes way past voices in the head. No one is likely talking to God or God talking to them, no demons, no aliens. But these experiences are not moronic or simpleminded.

    * I experienced a “lights on” cerebrospinal flush. (No, not playing poker) This was only the very stupid beginning of a long process. It was so brief as to be no big deal. Was my brain being “spontaneously” cleared of debris? Someone should try and cause it to happen. Probably do a world of good. Better than psych drugs.

    * This video with ppl claiming to be Jesus reincarnated has to be, one way or another, a put-on joke. I hope some researcher got paid to present this supreme nonsense without cringing.

    * If I were to say w/o proof that there is a very large network of ppl whose unpaid job is to present nonsense with a serious academic face would that be too far out or borderline paranoid?

  2. Thanks for posting about this valuable film!

    We live in a society which is often quite stupid in its approach to these kinds of experiences – usually if we think they aren’t literally true in some mundane factual way, then they are useless and meaningless or even strictly pathological experiences.

    A more nuanced approach, such as evidenced by many of those interviewed in this film, is a breath of fresh air in comparison. In the long run it’s much wiser to look at both what might be harmful and helpful about such experiences, as well as the complex functions they serve and have served within individuals and societies.

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