Spike activity 01-05-2015

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

IT News reports on a serious proposal to have Australian kids exams marked by artificial intelligence.

First results from psychology’s largest reproducibility project according to Nature. Maybe bad news, maybe not-so-bad news – read the full piece for the devil and the detail.

The New York Times covers on a new report by ethical psychology campaigners that says that the American Psychological Association collaborated with the CIA on the justification for torture.

Can social unrest be predicted with social media? asks Science Insider

The Lancet Psychiatry on the history of cutting the body to cure the mind.

Why we laugh. Wonderful TED talk from neuroscientist Sophie Scott.

The Lay Scientist has an interesting network analysis of porn data: visualising fetish space. SFW. Unless your boss is offended by graph theory.

Ants Swarm Like Brains Think: A neuroscientist studies ant colonies to understand feedback in the brain in Nautilus.

2 thoughts on “Spike activity 01-05-2015”

  1. Thanks for the Sophie Scott TED talk! It’s always nice to have someone with a PhD tell you that something you like doing is good for you.

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