Spike activity 17-04-2015

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

The latest instalment of ‘the seductive allure of neuroscience’ has been released (aka the force awakens) – a solid study suggest spurious neuroscience adds weight to explanations. Great coverage from the BPS Research Digest.

Aeon asks an interesting question: throughout evolutionary history, we never saw anything like a montage. So why do we hardly notice the cuts in movies?

There’s an excellent Motherboard documentary on the contested future of autonomous military robots you can watch online. To the bunkers!

Should I train to be a psychologist? asks The Telegraph “Clinical psychologist: pick this if you’re non-judgmental, thick-skinned and empathetic”. Cardigans, Telegraphs, you failed to mention cardigans.

Harvard Business Review has a good piece on how artificial intelligence is almost ready for business.

There’s a fascinating piece in The New York Times about how deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s might have its effect.

Pacific Standard covers an interesting study on how school counsellors improve school performance.

Did Neurons Evolve Twice? asks Quanta Magazine. I’m not sure either of mine have common ancestors to be honest.

Narratively has a great profile of the only psychiatrist in Sadr City, Iraq.

Sex and relationship researchers write an open letter to the NSPCC to protest their use of a PR survey to claim a tenth of 12-13 year olds believe they are addicted to porn.

MIT Tech Review has a great interview on why seemingly ‘obvious’ technological interventions for poverty fail. Culture, culture, culture.

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