Spike activity 06-03-2015

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

The strange world of felt presences. Great piece in The Guardian.

Nature reports that the Human Brain Project has voted for a change of leadership. But read carefully, it’s not clear how much will change in practice.

Surely the worst ‘neuroscience of’ article ever written? “The Neuroscience of ISIS” from The Daily Beast. Ruthlessly, it’s the first in a series.

Project Syndicate on why social science needs to be on the front-line of the fight against drug-resistant diseases.

Psychiatry is More Complex than Either its Proponents or its Critics Seem Able to Admit. Insightful piece on Mental Health Chat.

iDigitalTimes on what DeepMind’s computer game playing AI tells us where artificial intelligence falls short.

No link found between psychosis and use of ‘classic’ psychedelics LSD, psilocybin and mescaline in two large studies, reports Nature.

Beautiful online exhibition of the work of surreal optical illusion photographer Erik Johansson over at Twisted Sifter.

2 thoughts on “Spike activity 06-03-2015”

  1. RE: “Mental Health Chat”
    Psychiatry is NOT complex.
    Psychiatrists are paid money to drug people.
    Some people are willing to take the drugs, some people are not willing.

  2. even people who understand how resistance develops often contribute to the problem by taking antibiotics without a prescription or giving their drugs to members of their family

    Great article on antibiotics. A recent conversation led me to realize many people have no idea how to dispose of old medications (you can drop them off at any pharmacy) and maybe this is part of the problem. Too tempting to use the leftovers. Anthony Bourdain recently did a show on our region – western Mass – sadly the primary story was of heroin use and the stories around here are almost always the same. Person suffers an injury or has dental surgery, is prescribed Oxycodone, is given far more than needed, ends up with leftovers and becomes addicted. Seeks heroin. After both my dental surgeries I was given 20 tablets. I used 2.

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