Spike activity 14-11-2014

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an excellent piece arguing for more focus on developing good theories of the brain amid the cascade of cash for neuroscience methods.

Moving Beyond Left Brain, Right Brain, Neuroskeptic goes in-depth with Michael Corballis. More neuronerd goodness from PLOS Neuro.

Nature magazine has a special open-access special on depression.

The Air Loom is short film based on the madness of James Tilly Matthews.

Neuroskeptic has some more wonderful etymological maps of the brain.

When we lie to children, are we teaching them to be dishonest? Interesting piece from the BPS Research Digest.

BBC News reports on a colour blind artist who had a camera implanted in his skull to allow him to hear colours.

There’s a good post on Providentia on Barnum statements and the psychology of vague complements.

One thought on “Spike activity 14-11-2014”

  1. I can remember as a young child being aware that I was either lied to or was deprived of knowledge that would impact me. In both cases I learned a disrespect for those people, including my parents who lied to me or deprived me of helpful information. Among the worst liars to children are physicians. And usually the more educated or powerful a person is the more they lied. Which implies that such people feel that lying is not only acceptable but necessary or that they cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction. I still find it contemptible.

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