A history of the mind in 25 parts

BBC Radio 4 has just kicked off a 25-part radio series called ‘In Search of Ourselves: A History of Psychology and the Mind’.

Because the BBC are not very good at the internet, there are no podcasts – streaming audio only, and each episode disappears after seven days. Good to see the BBC are still on the cutting edge of 20th Century media.

The series looks fantastic however and it aims to cover psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and the diverse history of dealing with mental distress.

The first episode is already online so worth tuning in while you can.

Link to In Search of Ourselves: A History of Psychology and the Mind.

3 thoughts on “A history of the mind in 25 parts”

  1. I can’t believe the BBC can’t pay to host some audio files.

    I am looking at the page source to see if there is any downloadable link but I find it difficult.

    Only two days left to download first episode.

  2. Re episode 1 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0415hb6

    I am curious about the intention to train many therapists in CBT to make treatment accessible to many people and so improve society. Where can I read more?

    In Argentina there are lots of therapists (although mainly psychodinamic in the sense of a derivation from Freud or Lacan) since long ago, but I am not sure we as society are doing any better than other countries. Insecurity and economic problems are causing antisoial behaviors, e.g. people taking justice in their own hands, drugged v violently assaulting victims, etc. See: Conmocionó al Papa Francisco el linchamiento de un joven

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