2004-02-07 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Science News has an extended piece on progress with the still-not-entirely-clear-what’s-going-on billion dollar BRAIN initiative.

There might be a little synesthesia in each of us. Nautilus looks at how our senses combine and cross.

The LA Times reports that boxing and ultimate fighting promoters are donating to a neuroscience study on the long-term effects of being repeatedly punched in the head.

The False Memory Archive. An interesting project covered by an article in The Independent.

The West Briton reports on a Cornish drug dealer who told police he didn’t know how heroin had become taped to his testicles. God bless the Westcountry.

There are ways to prevent loved ones from becoming victims of an overdose. Here are three. Important piece from Time.

The Guardian reports that the UK Government has privatised the ‘nudge unit’. Presumably by making it the default option and waiting to see if anyone opts out.

A new cognitive science news website The Psych Report launches and looks very impressive.

Discover Magazine reports that the oldest human footprints found outside of Africa have been found in Norfolk. The ‘out of Norfolk’ hypothesis soon to be published.

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