Extending new senses through implanted magnets

In 2006, journalist Quinn Norton had a magnet implanted in her finger so she could ‘sense’ magnetic fields.

An article on the ABC Radio National website shows how this simple concept has been taken to its next level by the body modification community to find new ways of integrating magnetic fields into our senses.

Before I was prepped to have a magnet inserted in my fingertip, I had a conversation with my piercer, Kyla Fae, about placement…

I had thought that the only possibility was the finger, but apparently there are many fleshy parts of the body that are viable placement options.

‘I haven’t performed any in genitals, but I’m well aware of people with them,’ said Ms Fae.

‘If you’ve got a magnet in your lady garden or whatever, it will vibrate away near big speakers.’..

Some enthusiasts are also starting to get magnets that act as mini speakers implanted next to their ear. All it takes is a magnetic coil disguised as a necklace, an amplifier and MP3 player to have music piped straight to your brain.

Now imagine that in an MRI scanner. Fast Spin Echo sequence for the win.

Link to ‘Taking body modification to the extreme’.

3 thoughts on “Extending new senses through implanted magnets”

  1. best comment on the link
    “…half the world is on fire and starving and the other half is SO DETERMINED NOT TO LOOK it keeps inventing STUPID things to do !!”

  2. Reblogged this on catmannequin and commented:
    While implants are definitely a bit on the extreme side, I’m very interested in how technology changes the way we experience the world. For instance, the way our sense of self expands to take in a vehicle we’re driving, or how haptic feedback in phones and game controllers increases the sense of engagement in actions taken. Here’s a bit of an interesting post from Mindhacks on the subject.

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