2013-11-01 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Alcohol, Sleep, and Why You Might Re-think that Nightcap. Gaines, On Brains on why booze isn’t the best sleep promoter.

The Verge reports on the shocking state of evidence in disaster response psychology.

A neuroscience study on a patient in a coma-like vegetative state indicates he is probably paying attention to sounds – reports BBC News.

The Guardian reports that babies remember melodies heard in the womb according to a new study.

What does it feel like to hold a human brain in your hands? A beautiful piece on Oscillatory Thoughts.

Rethinking the adolescent brain. Neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore talks to The Lancet.

BPS Research Digest covers a study on the ‘cheater’s high‘.

A new psychology paper has found that, ethically, we get worn down over the course of a day. Interesting take from Science 2.0.

mind splutter has a brilliant piece: Time Out Of Mind: A linguistic analysis of 50 years of Bob Dylan lyrics.

This week’s edition of Science is a neuroscience special – all locked sadly – but with a free podcast.

One thought on “2013-11-01 Spike activity”

  1. As the author points out, it would be nice to know more about sleep itself. Cell reparation and toxin removal disturbed by a substance that may be linked to several types of cancer; to me not an appealing substance.

    Great article.

    But its effects on other aspects of sleep—notably, the second half of the night—leaves little to be desired.

    Although someone doesn’t quite grasp single negatives yet.

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