It is mind control but not as we know it

The Headlines

The Independent: First ever human brain-to-brain interface successfully tested

BBC News: Are we close to making human ‘mind control’ a reality?

Visual News: Mind Control is Now a Reality: UW Researcher Controls Friend Via an Internet Connection

The story

Using the internet, one researcher remotely controls the finger of another, using it to play a simple video game.

What they actually did

University of Washington researcher Rajesh Rao watches a very simple video game, which involved firing a cannon at incoming rockets (and avoiding firing at incoming supply planes). Electrical signals from his scalp were recorded using a technology called EEG and processed by a computer. The resulting signal was sent over the internet, and across campus, to a lab where another researcher, Andrea Stocco, watches the same video game with his finger over the “fire” button.

Unlike Rao, Stocco wears a magnetic coil over his head. This is designed to invoke electrical activity, not record it. When Rao imagines pressing the fire button, the coil activates the area of Stocco’s brain that makes his finger twitch, thus firing the cannon and completing a startling demonstration of “brain to brain” mind control over the internet.

You can read more details in the University of Washington press release or on the “brain2brain” website where this work is published.

How plausible is this?

EEG recording is a very well established technology, and takes advantage of the fact that the cells of our brain operate by passing around electrochemical signals which can be read from the surface of the scalp with simple electrodes. Unfortunately, the intricate details of brain activity tend to get muffled by the scalp, and the fact that you are recording at one specific point in space, so the technology’s strength is more in telling us that brain activity has changed, rather than in saying how or exactly where brain activity has changed.

The magnetic coil which made the receiver’s finger twitch is also well established, and known in the business as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). An alternating magnetic field is used to alter brain activity underneath the coil. I’ve written about it here before.

The effect is relatively crude. You can’t make someone play the violin, for example, but activating the motor cortex in the right region can generate a finger twitch. So, in summary, the story is very plausible. The researchers are well respected in this area and open about the limitations of their research. Although the experiment wasn’t published in a peer-reviewed journal, we have every reason to believe what we’re being told here.

Tom’s take

This is a wonderful piece of “proof of concept” research, which is completely plausible given existing technology, but yet hints at the possibilities which might soon become available.

The real magic is in the signal processing done. The dizzying complexities of brain activity are compressed into an EEG signal which is still highly complex, and pretty opaque as to what it means – hardly mind reading.

The research team then managed to find a reliable change in the EEG signal which reflected when Rao was thinking about pressing the fire button. The signal – just a simple “go”, as far as I can tell – was then sent over the internet. This “go” signal then triggered the TMS, which is either on or off.

In information terms, this is close to as simple as it gets. Even producing a signal which said what to fire at, as well as when to fire, would be a step change in complexity and wasn’t attempted by the group. TMS is a pretty crude device. Even if the signal the device received was more complex, it wouldn’t be able to make you perform complex, fluid movements, such as those required to track a moving object, tie your shoelaces or pluck a guitar. But this is a real example of brain to brain communication.

As the field develops the thing to watch is not whether this kind of communication can be done (we would have predicted it could be), but exactly how much information is contained in the communication.

A similar moral holds for reports that researchers can read thoughts from brain scans. This is true, but misleading. Many people imagine that such thought-reading gives researchers a read out in full technicolour mentalese, something like “I would like peas for dinner”. The reality is that such experiments allow the researchers to take a guess at what you are thinking based on them having already specified a very limited set of things which you can think about (for example peas or chips, and no other options).

Real progress on this front will come as we identify with more and more precision the brain areas that underlie complex behaviours. Armed with this knowledge, brain interface researchers will be able to use simple signals to generate complex responses by targeting specific circuits.

Read more

The original research report: Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans: A Pilot Study

Previously at The Conversation, another column on TMS: Does brain stimulation make you better at maths?

Thinking about brain interfaces is helped by a bit of information theory. To read a bit more about that field I recommend James Gleik’s book The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood

The Conversation

This article was originally published at The Conversation.
Read the original article.

4 thoughts on “It is mind control but not as we know it”

  1. Remote two way hacking of the brain
    has been possible since b4 the 1990’s.
    I know its been possible since 2002.
    This includes the routine reading of
    thoughts picked up: via the area of the vocal
    cords and brainstem, aided by “psychic driving”
    which stimulates the verbal centers of
    the brain creating the auditory hallucination of hearing your thoughts out loud plus additional tech available for years. In view of the above implications proof is kinda difficult to come by especially when you consider all the “paranoid style” sites and videos across the internet that are NOT made by psychotics but mainly by PR pro’s to discredit the above with the usual T-Party NWO, Illuminati BS which is added to make real tech look like the product of mental impairment and delusion.

    1. After viewing the additional comments I
      can see that it was a mistake to make the
      comment I made above.

      Every attempt to explain real programs must necessarily sound like cringeworthy deluded nonsense. Anyone who saw the excellent
      British movie “Closed Circuit” also saw
      how certain characters in the movie are
      being “managed”. The movie is fiction but
      that part is not. Every attempt to explain
      to someone else what you plainly see around
      you comes out sounding like tinfoil hat paranoia.

      Methods of surveillance used all over the
      world are designed exactly that way.

      Google “Hemingway NY Times FBI FOIA” to see
      an example of what can happen when someone’s
      life is very likely “nudged”, pushed and
      manipulated. EH probably noticed that
      there were too many coincidences negatively
      affecting his life resulting in loss of
      sleep, more drinking, drugging, loss of friends, isolation etc. All by formula
      and design.

      J. Edgar Hoover, who
      himself was more than a bit over the edge,
      was after E. Hemingway for 20 years until
      his death. And no, as you can see, I’m not
      any kind of writer, have never had the need
      to call attention to myself, and do not
      have “center of the world” delusions or an outsized sense of ego like EH or J. Edgar did.

      I am saying, but probably shouldn’t, that average ppl, not celebrities, not whistleblowers or activists are the typical targets today of complete sleep deprivation
      for months most likely outsourced to
      private corporate security. Remotely
      recorded results are, post 911,
      sold to government agencies for large sums. Sleep disruption and psychic driving
      (Repeated simpleminded machine talk) by way
      of remote tech are used afterwards for years.

      MKUltra programs are being done today
      which is why there are so many pretend
      nuts (and some real ones)
      who write comments, make websites
      that go in and out of coherence and go on
      and on about NWO conspiracies etc…
      the usual nonsense. What better way is
      there to convince the average person
      that these old CIA programs are now
      nothing more than a refuge for average
      mentally deranged psychotics.

      Much of the
      material on mind control on the internet
      is written deliberately to convince ppl
      of exactly that on thousands of sites and
      You Tube channels. This comment will be seen
      as adding to the mountain of nonsense
      designed to distract from the reality
      that puts NSA non-revelations to shame.

      BTW, the technology in the article labeled
      MC for headlines is laughable.

  2. I think you’re being a little too kind here. As you said, the effect here is crude. They just send a signal to the TMS that causes a muscle to twitch. Nothing to it. There is no evidence here that anything new is accomplished. While it is potentially interesting if the researchers have in fact decoded information related to an intention to push the “fire” button, they do little to prove that this is the case. How do you know that the person isn’t really just relaxing and the algorithm is merely detecting alpha rhythms. As far as I can tell, this is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt and does not deserve anyone’s attention. Please prove me wrong here.

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