Science behind the billion dollar brain hype

Image by Flickr user Ars Electronica. Click for source.If you want to hear me talk about what the US and Europe’s billion dollar brain projects are trying to achieve, I’m on the latest BBC All in the Mind discussing the science behind the quite considerable hype.

I discuss these latest brain initiatives alongside presenter Claudia Hammond and distinguished neuroscientist Donald Stein – who appeared despite my suggestion of inviting distinguished neuroscientist Shakira.

Either way, a good discussion on an important topic.

Link to programme information and streamed audio.
mp3 of podcast.

One thought on “Science behind the billion dollar brain hype”

  1. What if anyone with motivation for happiness can change their brain. I did this for ruff cost of $6,000 a year, which took me at least two years because I was really messed up from 16 years on psychiatric medications. It’s easy with a teacher/counselor that knows the path. I learned and use mindful meditation practicies, mindful movement and writing, massage, neuro feedback, and supportive social system. Try new paths and keep what works until new becomes old, move on!!

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